Rose & Sunshine

The owner of Rose & Sunshine came to us with one goal - to have an e-commerce website built that reflected her brand, her values and to be a place to promote the value of educational and eco-friendly children’s toys. With that in mind we took inspiration from the existing logo design, which is heavily influenced by two eyecatching primary colours, red and yellow.

The Rose & Sunshine website needed to be clean, functional and easy for customers to use, but also simple for the client to maintain and update in the future. We built out a front page with large banner images of the products available, interspersed with the company’s brand values as well as the ethos behind their vision to provide educational toys, something which the local area lacked at the time.

Each toy has it’s own product page, an overall category, a short summary description and multiple images. Being an e-commerce site, handling secure payments and customer details was a must, so as we do with all of our website builds we included SSL certification and a secure checkout with multiple payment options - it’s all about making it as easy as possible for customers to shop with confidence.

The website is super responsive, user friendly, it matches the client’s original branding, and is formatted to look amazing on mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones. We have also been on hand to help with any teething troubles since the site went live,

But enough rambling from us, here are a few words from the owner of Rose & Sunshine themselves…

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We were in desperate need for a website for Rose & Sunshine, but truth be told we had absolutely zero clue as to what we were doing - that’s when we contacted the team at J & A.
It was totally effortless and stress free for us, we met with Jay, told him about our business, gave him our product and price list, everything he needed {which wasn’t actually a great deal compared to what we thought) and within no time we had a message to say it was done! Whilst he gave us regular updates and little previews, we imagined it would take a lot longer in comparison to other companies. We were blown away with the finished results, it was easy to navigate, simple and clean for both us at Rose & Sunshine and from a customer point of view too.
Shortly after the website launch we got into a bit of a pickle with adding new products, we contacted Jay & Amy and they showed us with no problem at all, they also gave lots of hints and tips on how to build a bigger audience.
Nothing was ever too much to ask or an inconvenience, we were listened to, supported and helped and also met with such a welcoming non-awkward approach.
We can’t thank the team enough for growing our business, without them we wouldn’t be where we are today.
— Rose & Sunshine

E-commerce made simple

Clean, functional, yet instantly recognisable design - everything from the product pages to the headings themselves match the Rose & Sunshine branding. Regular customers can easily create an account to save time when they shop next time, or checkout as a guest - all with secure payment handling

roseandsunshine pc screen menu.PNG

Categorised products

Each product category has it’s own page making it easy for customers to shop by the type of toy they’re searching for, and new categories can be added as and when the client brings out new lines

roseandsunshine pc screen products.PNG

Individual product pages

Product pages can be shared easily to social media, enabling our client to interact directly with their customers anytime, and market their products proactively. Customers can then go straight to the website and shop!